Awarded artist Fabien Delage known as WMK is a French graphic designer, photographer, film maker and font creator.

Through the years, he has incorporated pop art, graffiti and photography into his works. Part of the Top 100 most downloaded font artists on the internet, his creations are everywhere: movies, video games, websites, books and on TV. Based in Paris, he works today as a freelance designer for world-famous magazines, TV channels and advertising agencies. In summer 2011, he released his first photography project in NYC: The Future is Not What It Used To Be, a limited trading card set that sold out in just one week.


After 2 solo art shows in Paris, Delage became the French representative of the Pop  Photography movement with his new provocative photography project: The Drift.  This hugely successful exhibit took place in Paris in April 2012 at Urban Gallery then in Los Angeles at Very Venice in June 2012. Considered the future of the Pop Photography by the world greatest photographers, Delage now collaborates with many artists and brands. Besides photography, he has many other interests. Back in his school days, Fabien Delage was involved into the Punk Hardcore movement and the Straight Edge community. He was the songwriter and the lead singer in bands such as Made In Chaos, Burn As Mayflies, Tricky Trigger or Bleeding Freaks. After collaborating with European Hardcore labels, Delage founded Posi: The Fun Starts Here in 2006, an independent Punk Hardcore clothing company which profit was donated to Handicap International.


The massive success of Bleeding Freaks’s second album enabled Delage to actively focus on horror entertainment. While studying cinema at Paris Est University, the artist specialized in Art History, Cinematic Analysis and Cinematography. He wrote and directed short movies like The Wild Diaries and worked on several web series. Over the past 5 years, Delage has worked on hundreds of horror movie posters and ads. In 2012, the graphic artist went back to directing and came up with the successful French ghost show "Dead Crossroads".


This same year he created Fright House Pictures with three other partners, a French horror movie production company.  Specialized in haunted architecture photography and contemporary art, Delage is also a contributing writer for Rue Morgue and a freelance reporter. In 2014, Birdbox publishes a new haunted photography book adapted from his exhibition These Bones Shall Rise which took place in Toronto in 2013.

In 2015, Hippocampe Productions releases his feature documentary : Fury of the Demon.

In 2017, Wild Eye Relesing acquires his new feature film Cold Ground. In the meantime, Fabien is producing an indie French Found Footage Anthology (3:15am) with Redwood Creek Films.




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