Welcome to the fonts universe, the graphic solution to all communications needs !

What is a modern font ? It's a file that you copy in your font folder.

The possibilities are unlimited ! These fonts are unique because WMK offers you the possibility

to both have letters and logos! This is it, today it's possible to own a pack of 40 or 100 vectorised logos

ready to be used in only one font file with your own copyright !

Each logo corresponds to a letter that you can easily run and export thanks to the light weight of the file !

Effective and necessary for the communication of a small or big compagny !


WMK’s fonts are free for personal use. If you want to use an existing font for a commerical use, before,

you must pay a multi users licence to the designer of the font. It means you buy the right to use it on products you want to sell but the copyright doesn't belong to you and other users can also buy the licence.

To have your own copyright you must possess a font that has been made for you.


More than just a file in your computer, these fonts are a new kind of digital art, a new way to express.

Indeed, the content is… unusual and innovative !

That’s why some of these works are in the Top 100 of the most downloaded fonts in the world.

Take a look and download it now !



Fonts are life!


© Copyright Fabien Delage - The Wondermaker 2012