Dead Crossroads is a new and inovative ghost show, a sinister travelogue that will take you to places few would suspect exist. Armed with video cameras and hiking bags, Fabien Delage – freelance artist and contributor to Rue Morgue Magazine – and French survival guide Julien Mazzitelli explore French haunted ruins, some of the grandest, oddest and unluckiest buildings in the country of France.


Like a seasoned teller of ghost stories, Fabien’s pictures reveal what lies beyond the gates and beneath the floorboards. There are many infamous haunted houses in France, places with a long story. The two explorers investigate architecture of a morbid past by shooting and photographing, spending one day and one terrifying night in the most haunted buildings in the country. Dead Crossroads is the first film report on France ghost houses and lost treasures. Take a look at his photos on DEADCROSSROADS.COM . Take a look at the pictures, browse the gallery now!



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Photography - French Haunted Architecture

© Copyright Fabien Delage - The Wondermaker 2012


© Copyright Fabien Delage - The Wondermaker 2012

Photography - Haunted Architecture