Fabien Delage & British Home Office find an agreement

By WMK ART, Oct 26 2013 04:00AM

The dispute between graphic designer WMK and the British Government is now over.

The Home Office was in trouble following accusations that the type-face used on their recent anti-illegal immigration van campaign, was subject to a copyright law for commercial use.

French type-face designer, Fabien Delage, alleged that the Home Office used his type-face design, known as ‘Plane Crash’, without his permission, without paying him and without requesting a licence to use it.

The Home Office campaign caused widespread controversy as vans daubing the slogan, ‘In the UK Illegally? Go Home or Face Arrest’, were driven around Central London in an attempt to intimidate illegal immigrants into leaving Britain.

Delage and the Home Office, after bargaining, reached a satisfactory agreement.

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