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Journalist, photographer and filmmaker FABIEN DELAGE is the paranormal pioneer behind the hugely successful Dead Crossroads television show, now in its second season. Fabien's latest release is the documentary Fury of the Demon, currently playing in international festivals worldwide.The movie will premiere in Fantasia in July 2016. Get a first look at the movie and at Dead Crossroads: The Forbidden Files @ Dark Carnival in Hamilton, ON!

DARK CARNIVAL is Canada's premier Horror Culture & Entertainment expo, hosted by Rue Morgue magazine, the world's premier horror entertainment publication since 1997.

DARK CARNIVAL is a fan tailored event brought to you by the creators of the hugely successful Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, which expanded to four cities across the country throughout its eleven year run.

Book your ticket and come to meet Fabien Delage, alongside Guillermo del Toro, George Romero, Bill Moseley and dozens of amazing guests and exhibitors.

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Fabien Delage makes his feature debut with a doc FURY OF THE DEMON. The movie will start its festival race @ Gérardmer International Fantastic Film Festival 2016.

January, 2012. A collector invites movie experts to the private projection of a silent movie in Paris. The viewing turns into a nightmare: before the end of the screening, spectators become furious and plunge the room into chaos. The media little spoke about it, nevertheless it’s not the first time this kind of incident occurs and it seems that the movie itself is the origin of this disturbing phenomenon.

This captivating investigation takes us on the traces of violent riots having taken place throughout the XIXth and XXth centuries, caused by a rare, fascinating and dangerous film: Fury of the Demon, attributed to French cineaste Georges Méliès. Through conversations with journalists, film-makers, historians, experts and psychologists, this new full-length documentary pulls back the veil on the most cursed and disturbing movie ever made.

From mysteries to mysteries, from questioning to questioning, discover all the truth about the lost movie that shakes the film world for over a century.

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