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The Future Is Not What It Used To Be


"The notion of  vulgar is very subjective" - WMK

On this page, you can see some of the original photographs used in the limited trading cards set "The Future Is Not What It Used To Be" exclusively released in NYC selected resellers in August 2011.


"I love the wild positive sexy energy in Fabien Delage's pictures" - Roy Stuart



"I thought my days of collecting were long gone...Damned WMK !" - Ludovic Goubet


It’s gonna be a hot summer !


WMK and an american trading cards company announce a very limited set  of  trading cards.But these cards are not for children ! In August 2011,  temptation comes a knocking.


Witness the decline of the new generation with more than 35 explicit cards from the creative and crazy mind of WMK. Collect them all!


"I like the freshness of his work and also the colors. This is not the usual recovered amateur style you can see in nearly every fanzine... it is an authentic work of art." - Peter Franck


"I guess what I like about Fabien’s work is his throwing out all the old preconceived ideas of how a sexy picture should look. He is alot like Tillmans in this respect. I like the energy and the joy that emanates." - Roy Stuart



Fabien Delage's artistic's statement (French)


"Pour moi, la nouvelle photographie érotique se doit d’être provocante. C’est un prétexte pour présenter la femme nue dans un contexte libéré, déluré, la représenter dans des situations de tous les jours ou se servir d’elle comme un instrument sensuel pour mettre le spectateur en position de voyeur face aux dérives de la nouvelle génération. Les codes, les jeux deviennent de plus en plus flous et l’idée de fantasmer cette jeunesse « décadente » à travers des clichés authentiques m’intéresse. The Future Is Not What It Used To Be  est une collection de trading cards mais c’est avant tout un objet d’art. C’est comme collectionner des moments de vie, des moments de pure intimité. Chaque photographie, chaque illustration a une histoire, aussi sulfureuse qu’elle soit. Les nus académiques, les éclairages feutrés et les canapés de velours ne  m’intéressent pas, je veux du naturel, du réel. Je veux du grain, des blancs brûlés et des noirs noirs. Je ne suis qu’un graphiste avec un réflex et une démarche artistique qui sort de l’ordinaire. La notion de vulgaire est devenue très subjective, une nouvelle révolution sexuelle est en marche et chacun rêve secrètement d’en faire partie."


"Light, comedic, and witty; with a playful screwball rapport with his models." - George Pitts



"The actual representation of reality, beyond what a form of art can be, is forged and replaced by a virtual reality, to the extent that we ask ourselves what is real and what is not. In Fabien Delage’s work,  we recognize the touch of an artist who has been able to seize the historical context and the current tendency in a simple way, without tricks, without baroque embellishments, by depicting, with a creative intelligence, a naked and raw melody which never reaches vulgarity. The reality we live in is very vulgar and decadent ; Fabien found a way to take some aspects of this reality and to convey it to us with subtle pictures. Strong pictures that lead up to think. And if a photographer succeeds in making us think, he’s not just a photographer anymore, he’s an artist."  - Giovanni Sambuelli


"I'm in love with the humorous eroticism of Fabien's photos, which is expressed simply but elegantly with his coloring and typography." - Yasuji  Watanabe

"I'm a Neville Brody and street art fan so I do appreciate Fabien's work.

Fabien's photography has a starkness to it that's complemented by the vividness of the colors. It reminds me of the after effects of a flash of bright light in your eyes that causes your pupils to constrict as you try to figure out what's in front of you. The ghost image remains on your inner eyelids as your vision readjusts.There are details everywhere. In the smoothness of the flesh and in the accoutrements of life that surround it in his hyperreal world. I see the influence of his design background in his photos.The Batman in the gaping mouth (I am the Night), the solid black that connects the speaker to the flat screen and the image on the video to the rifle and it's harness (Girl vs M15) and again from the bluish black of her hair that contrasts with her skin to the darkness in her eyes and the headphones with the cord that guide your eyes down to her panties tempting you to follow it all the way down (Stereo). Graphic and carnal." - Ivana Ford  


"Delage's work has such an intimate aura about it that viewing each shot makes you think you've walked in on a situation you weren't meant to see. The colors and tones vary between subtle hues to in-your-face color and every image leaves you wondering what the next one holds. The bright flashes and uneven lighting only add to the feel of each scene and the feeling that you're peeking through a hole in the wall, careful not to make any noise so that you may continue watching indefinitely." - Rebecca Tillett


© Copyright Fabien Delage - The Wondermaker 2017

fully exposed cover 2

French photographer Fabien Delage, emblematic figure of the Pop Erotic Photography movement, unveils his entire collection for the first time! This high-quality limited artbook features more than 150 crazy and spontaneous photographs and explores pop culture in a very hot way! Each page is like a fine art print and the book comes with a blank "anonymous" back to avoid suspicion... But don't kid yourself - inside, everybody gets fully exposed! Enter a world of fun and get ready to party! Fully Exposed is a unique approach to erotic photography. Contemporary, geeky, sexy and delightfully catchy - Erotic Photography at its best!