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Buy font licenses and start creating something new. Some of these works are in the top 100 of the most downloaded fonts on the internet. Own WMK fonts and boost your designs today.

Import your vectors easily, always have your logos at hand! Fonts are light and useful files readable by all softwares. WMK fonts are free for personnal use only. The use of a free for personal use font for public use or commercial products without authorisation can lead to a compensation (up to 5000€) + the purchase of the licence. Non compliance with these conditions will involve legal proceedings.

To avoid unpleasant situations, FONTBOXES are available to make your life easier!


Prices start at 50€

FONTBOX SOLO - Multi Users License for individuals (freelance designers, artists, associations, etc).

FONTBOX PRO - Multi Users License for companies (select the FontBox Pro option while placing your order).

The license agreement will allow one freelance artist or company to use the font for an unlimited number of runs, in all media platforms and worldwide, in perpetuity.

Note : You are buying a license, no font will be delivered once your order is completed. To download your font, go on WMK Dafont page, it's free. Browse other WMK free fonts here.

Kids From Snow Hill

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